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iPhone 14 Pro Max Review: An Evolution of Design

The iPhone 14 Pro Max has been creating a buzz in the tech world since its release, and it’s no surprise why. Apple has made some notable changes to the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s design, making it an evolution from the iPhone 13 Pro Max. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the design changes and why the iPhone 14 Pro Max is worth considering for those in the market for a new phone.

Dynamic Island: A Game-Changer in User Experience

The Dynamic Island feature is one of the most noticeable changes in the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s design. Apple has replaced the traditional notch with a pill-shaped cutout, which houses the front-facing camera and other sensors. This cutout is called the Dynamic Island and provides more screen real estate, making it easier for users to navigate and interact with their phone.

With Dynamic Island, users can see important information such as the status of their timer, the next direction to take in Maps, and the status of incoming and outgoing calls. In addition, users can have two live activities displayed side by side in the Island. Apple has also made a Live Activities API available to developers to deliver more Dynamic Island experiences like sports scores, food delivery status, ride sharing info and more. The animations and user interface are smooth and seamless, providing an exceptional user experience.

Design Changes

The camera bump on the back of the iPhone 14 Pro Max has also grown in size, accommodating the larger lenses and flash. The three lenses are now larger than those on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which means that the camera system should be even more capable. The flash has also been enlarged, which should lead to better low-light photos.

In terms of size and weight, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is slightly larger and heavier than its predecessor. The phone measures 6.33 x 3.05 x 0.31 inches and weighs 8.47 ounces, compared to 6.33 x 3.07 x 0.3 inches and 8.46 ounces for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, the added weight and thickness are not significant enough to make a noticeable difference in daily use.

Color options for the iPhone 14 Pro Max include deep purple, silver, gold, and space black. The deep purple option is particularly striking, with a bold, saturated hue that really stands out. The phone’s matte glass back, which is now removable, and color-matched polished steel sides, give the device a premium feel. The iPhone 14 Pro Max also has the same IP68 water resistance as its predecessor, which means it can withstand being submerged in up to 6 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.

SIM Card Tray

One notable absence from the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the SIM card tray. Apple has removed this feature for U.S. models, replacing it with eSIM technology. While this may be a bit of an inconvenience for some users, adding a line to the iPhone 14 Pro Max is easy, and the phone can accommodate two active numbers at once. However, it’s worth noting that not all overseas carriers support eSIM, so users should check with their provider before traveling.


In terms of accessories, there are many iPhone 14 Pro Max cases available that can help users protect their phone and keep it looking like new. Some popular options include leather cases, clear cases, and rugged cases that can provide extra protection for those who are rough on their devices.


In conclusion, the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s design is an evolution from the iPhone 13 Pro Max, with notable changes like Dynamic Island, a larger camera system, and a deep purple color option. The removal of the notch and the integration of the TrueDepth camera into the bezel will likely be the most significant design change for users.

It will also offer a more immersive experience when using the phone, and it will make the device look even more sleek and modern. The new camera system with the larger sensors and lenses is a significant upgrade and should provide even better image and video quality.

The inclusion of an LTPO display and ProMotion technology is a welcome addition, as it will allow for smoother scrolling and a more responsive interface. All in all, the iPhone 14 Pro Max looks to be a promising device that will build upon the success of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and continue to push the boundaries of smartphone technology.

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